Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back To School Bento Lunch at Sakura

It seemed like it had been ages since I first dined at Sakura in St. Paul, and it nearly had been. Back in February, I treated myself and family to a night at the Opera and a dinner of bento and sashimi. It was a lovely meal, and for the amount of food and the quality, it was a reasonable price, but not something I could do everyday.

Much to my surprise, summer arrived and I had a chance to try Sakura again for lunch when the prices for bento are nice, the portions smaller but filling, and still beautifully served. I had to snap a picture of my chicken teriyaki bento in the late-July sunlight through the window.

No sashimi in this Mixed bento, but tempura prawn and veggies, chicken teriyaki, salad with traditional ginger-spiced dressing, and the requisite white rice were plenty. Not pictured is the deliciously warm and brothy miso starter included with the bento platter.

I now have a family member attending school nearby within daily lunching distance of Sakura, so I'm pleased I have reason to come back and try something from their sushi menu next time. Wonderful stuff!


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