Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sweet Retreat : Ginger Sencha

I had occasion to go on a vacation retreat with my needlework guild recently, and while it all happened next to a beautiful lake, with no television, radios, or 24-7 wifi access, there were still signs of civilization - tea, of course!

I brought along my sample of Shanti Tea's Ginger Sencha, and it turned out to be a perfect choice to accompany a long day of embroidery, creativity, and occasionally over-done air-conditioning and hotdish-consuming. Relaxing is a tough business!

I brought my trusted friend Stumpy along to help with the steeping. Doesn't that mid-afternoon sunlight look inviting?

Yes, those are nice quality whole sencha leaves and lots of bits of ginger mixed together. The ginger fragrance is fairly strong, and it's for that reason that this is one my top 2 favorite ginger-infused teas. It is direct, powerful, and warming, but the blended sencha is sweet enough that you still want to sip to uncover more of the nuance. It also calms an upset stomach after a heavy meal. Did I already mention they fed us well and often at this retreat?

Stumpy unleashed: awaiting hot water from the kitchenette coffee/chocolate machine. There's no need to bring the water temperature to boiling with most senchas, which is another reason why the Ginger Sench was a great vacation choice.

Post-steep bliss. Warm sunshine, a very light green liqueur, and spicy ginger accents.


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