Monday, November 14, 2011

Yun Nan Dian Hong Golden Tip : Teavivre

I have steeped mugs and mugs of this Yun Nan Dian Hong Golden Tip black tea from Teavivre and I'm still enamoured by the smooth, slightly-citrusy, refreshing taste. I'm new to the world of golden tips, so you have to take some of the enthusiam with a grain of salt, but imagine a well-rounded black tea that wasn't super-astringent - a "drinking" tea as opposed to a "sipping" tea.

It has a brightness to it, and a delicate body. I've enjoyed it prepared in the morning as my workday tea, and I prepared it gong-fu style over the weekend as I battled a cold. It isn't intended to be a tea that will hold up over multiple steepings, but in every incarnation I've tried, it's been delicious and I plan on joining others of the TeaTerati in ordering more when I have the chance.

And then there's the artistry of the dry leaf itself - the yellows and browns that are all from the same kind of tea leaf, just processed a bit differently. The long needle-like leaves fit into the infuser like New Year's Eve confetti.

You wouldn't necessarily expect a gold-colored leaf to brew up as dark as this, but that's another unexpected surprise of this tea.

For perhaps the first time, I can't think of one category of tea drinker that this kind of tea wouldn't appeal to. It's got something for everyone, even those who prefer green leaf. It's both smooth and rich, bright and delicate. If you prefer smokier flavors or really heavy citrus, then perhaps this won't be your next pick, but then you'd be missing out on something! I suggest you take a peek at the other reviews on Steepster to discover - it takes on different flavors for different people.

The only thing I would say is that I don't think re-steeping it the traditional 3-minutes multiple times will offer the same results. Gong-fu style, yes, I got several nice citrusy-ranging-to-malty steeps, but they're very short steeps. I've enjoyed it just as well steeping it once in a 16 oz. teapot to keep in a stainless steel vacuum mug and it's just as delicious throughout the morning.


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