Thursday, January 5, 2012

True Love Flowering Tea : Tea Vivre

There's generally not much to say about artisanal, or "blooming" teas. They tend to be made for aesthetics, and the tea used to wrap around the bloom can either be good or flat-tasting, depending on how you steep it and the quality of the leaf. But the focus is undoutedly on the bloom, the appearance, and the sweetness in the cup.

The second in a series of samples from Teavivre, their True Love Flowering Tea is beautiful and had the other members of the family intrigued as it steeped and unfolded in the tumbler.

I know blooming teas from the different varieties sold by Teavana over the years and the different chrysanthemum-bloom teas from my local shoppe. If you're steeping for taste, you want to go with a modest amount of water, just-under-boiling, and somewhere between 3-5 minutes. You wouldn't do that with a regular green or white tea. If you put it in a beautiful glass teapot that holds 2 or more servings, you'll need to let it sit for even longer if you want to get a cup that's drinkable.

As for Teavivre's offering - I enjoyed it. It's the only blooming tea I've tried that had the double-blossom, and I could see it being a unique place setting for special events. As for taste, it was sweet, a bit on the bitter side, which isn't uncommon for blooming teas because of the length of time needed to let it fully unfurl. It's not a green tea taste that I would crave, but it's pleasant and would go well with delicate pastries at an event.


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