Monday, January 16, 2012

Whimsical Afternoon Tea : Berries, Books & Prince Vladmir

Mid-January usually ushers in the mid-winter blahs. We're well past Twelfth Night, and there's still two months before we can count on the sun rising earlier and getting us motivated for a busy day in the bracing early-Spring air.

What's a tea lover to do? Break out some Prince Vladmir and some playful teaware, of course! Mad Hatter style: eclectic, funky, and colorful. Add some crepes with nutella and raspberries, and it's a right royal High Tea!

So I did just that. I loaded my tea tray with some freshly boiled water and infused some Kusmi Prince Vladmir flavored black tea in my Trudeau Silicone Berry Infuser that I purchased recently (link not affiliated).

This infuser should be mandatory equipment for a children's tea party. I might have become a tea obsessive much earlier in life if these fun berries were handy!

It may not appear to be large enough to do the work of a regular tea ball infuser or strainer, but the silicone material on this orange-colored berry is supple. I've been able to get enough leaf packed inside for between 8-12 oz.-sized mugs, with enough room to spare for leaves to unfurl. It's not as efficient as a mesh net infuser of course, but it does the job.

It's not the first thing you'd want to reach for if you're infusing your best teas, but it's fun, inifinitely re-usable, and brightened my afternoon.

As for the "Guess How Much I Love You" mugs - they are sold individually in a series of four mugs based on the book by Sam McBratney. They're made by Konitz, and I purchased mine in-store at my local tea shoppe. Unfortunately the tea shoppe doesn't offer them for sale on their web site, or I'd point you there. You can find the mugs available on Amazon (link not affiliated), but they're priced about $5 more than I paid for them in-store. They're great quality, however, and if you have a special little person in your life or are a fan of the book, the Amazon price would be worth it.

Here's to the diversion of an afternoon tea fit for the still young-at-heart!


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  1. definitely have to make me some of those crepes when you come mouth is watering just looking at them!!!