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Bento is simple.  Bento can be healthy.  Bento can be cost-effective.

You don't have to be a particular fan of Japanese or Asian foods to appreciate Bento.  It's simply a way of partitioning a balanced meal for lunch or dinner on-the-go, in an artful way.

The Latest:

Lazy Bento Challenge  - September 1, 2014 (Eco One kit and new "make it a routine" challenge)

Art Imitating Life: Bento Box Stationery Set - July 12, 2014

Bento Week In Review Archives - My Daily Creations

November 28 - December 2: Ikea Bento: Quick & Cheap Ideas

Sept 26 - 30 2011

Week One - June 13-17 2011

Week Two - June 20-24 2011

Week Three - June 27 - July 1 2011

Week Four - July 4 - 8 2011

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Bento Preparation Resources: - The place to start : with recipes, bento ware guides, and inspiration

Lunch In A Box - Another great comprehensive blog with recipes, ideas, and bento ware suggestions

AnnaTheRed's Bento Factory - A blog with plenty of how-to pics

A Vos Baguettes - un blog bento et recettes japonaises quasi-pedagogique avec videos how-to

Bento Gear Vendors

BentoandCo, Kyoto, Japan - fast and reasonable shipping, wide variety of boxes and accessories

LunchAPorter, Montreal, Canada - great service, good prices, unique bento items and staples

CasaBento - large variety, good prices, but questionable customer service and shipping notification
                    NOT the place to order if you need it quickly, but a good place to find that "one" unique
                    item, orders taken in Singapore, items shipped from France - caveat emptor

JBox, Japan - I haven't ordered from here, they seem to have inventory issues from time to time, but
                    others have ordered from here with success. 

SugarCharms - A U.S.-based retailer with a nice variety of quirky bento boxes including Shinzi Katoh
                    onigiri cases and the "brioche" loaf Nagoya bento box.  Great service, carefully packaged
                    and quickly shipped.

Queen Baby Bean - infant and toddler accessories retailer, but they sell Shinzi Katoh onigiri boxes

Komikku - boutique Parisienne specialiste en bento et accessories, vente en-ligne, pas encore essaye

Bento Media:

I love the 'Cooking with Dog' series found on YouTube.  Amusing concept, but very practical step-by-step instructions on preparing traditional Japanese dishes. 

Coming Soon: A Bento vocabulary guide


last update November 2011